filetype plugin indent on syntax on if empty(glob('~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim')) silent !curl -fLo ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs \ autocmd VimEnter * PlugInstall --sync | source $MYVIMRC endif call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged') function! BuildTern(info) if a:info.status == 'installed' || a:info.force !npm install endif endfunction " Plugins Plug 'junegunn/vim-easy-align' Plug 'ap/vim-buftabline' Plug 'tomtom/tcomment_vim' Plug 'tpope/vim-fugitive' Plug 'tpope/vim-rhubarb' Plug 'SirVer/ultisnips' Plug 'mattn/emmet-vim' Plug 'tpope/vim-surround' Plug 'MattesGroeger/vim-bookmarks' Plug 'othree/html5.vim' Plug 'jiangmiao/auto-pairs' Plug 'sheerun/vim-polyglot' Plug 'easymotion/vim-easymotion' Plug 'dracula/vim', { 'as': 'dracula' } Plug 'w0ng/vim-hybrid' Plug 'tmhedberg/matchit' Plug 'airblade/vim-gitgutter' Plug 'sjl/gundo.vim/' Plug 'tpope/vim-repeat' Plug 'nelsyeung/twig.vim' Plug 'tokutake/twig-indent' Plug 'michaeljsmith/vim-indent-object' Plug 'jeetsukumaran/vim-indentwise' Plug 'editorconfig/editorconfig-vim' Plug 'mhinz/vim-grepper' Plug 'tpope/vim-eunuch' Plug 'AndrewRadev/splitjoin.vim' Plug 'justinmk/vim-sneak' Plug 'rakr/vim-one' Plug 'w0ng/vim-hybrid' Plug 'christoomey/vim-tmux-navigator' Plug 'w0rp/ale' Plug 'neoclide/coc.nvim', {'branch': 'release'} Plug 'liuchengxu/vista.vim' Plug 'itchyny/lightline.vim' Plug 'tpope/vim-vinegar' Plug 'styled-components/vim-styled-components', { 'branch': 'main' } Plug 'prettier/vim-prettier', { \ 'do': 'yarn install', \ 'branch': 'release/0.x' \ } "Plug 'godlygeek/tabular' "Plug 'plasticboy/vim-markdown' if has("gui_running") Plug 'ctrlpvim/ctrlp.vim' else Plug '/usr/local/opt/fzf' Plug 'junegunn/fzf.vim' endif call plug#end() let &t_8f = "\<Esc>[38;2;%lu;%lu;%lum" let &t_8b = "\<Esc>[48;2;%lu;%lu;%lum" " True colors support set termguicolors " Enable mouse support set mouse=n set cmdheight=2 " Grepper command! -nargs=* -complete=file GG Grepper -tool git -query <args> command! -nargs=* Ag Grepper -noprompt -tool ag -grepprg ag --vimgrep <args> % " Remove delay with Ctrl + [ " set timeoutlen=1000 ttimeoutlen=0 " FZF " Gets around FZF overriding Ag command let g:fzf_command_prefix = 'Fzf' if executable('rg') set grepprg=rg\ --color=never let g:ctrlp_user_command = 'rg %s --files --color=never --glob ""' let g:ctrlp_use_caching = 0 nnoremap <C-f> :FzfRg<Cr> command! -bang -nargs=* Rg \ call fzf#vim#grep( \ 'rg --column --line-number --no-heading --color=always --smart-case '.shellescape(<q-args>), 1, \ fzf#vim#with_preview(), <bang>0) endif nnoremap <silent> <C-p> :call fzf#vim#files('', \ {'down': '40%'})<cr> " <Ctrl-b> for open buffers nnoremap <silent> <C-b> :FzfBuffers<cr> " <Ctrl-t> for buffer tags nnoremap <silent> <C-t> :FzfBTags<cr> " Ctag search function! s:tags_sink(line) let parts = split(a:line, '\t\zs') let excmd = matchstr(parts[2:], '^.*\ze;"\t') execute 'silent e' parts[1][:-2] let [magic, &magic] = [&magic, 0] execute excmd let &magic = magic endfunction function! s:tags() if empty(tagfiles()) echohl WarningMsg echom 'Preparing tags' echohl None call system('ctags -R') endif call fzf#run({ \ 'source': 'cat '.join(map(tagfiles(), 'fnamemodify(v:val, ":S")')). \ '| grep -v ^!', \ 'options': '+m -d "\t" --with-nth 1,4.. -n 1 --tiebreak=index', \ 'down': '40%', \ 'sink': function('s:tags_sink')}) endfunction command! Tags call s:tags() command! -bang -nargs=* Ack call fzf#vim#ag(<q-args>, {'down': '40%', 'options': --no-color'}) " }}} " Color Scheme set background=dark colorscheme dracula " Start EasyAlign " map <C-a> :EasyAlign<CR> " Undo persists after closing/re-opening set undofile set undodir=~/.vim/undodir " General Settings let mapleader="," set nowrap set lazyredraw set smartindent set autoindent set shiftwidth=4 set expandtab set tabstop=4 set nobackup set backupcopy=no set nowritebackup set noswapfile set cursorline set incsearch ignorecase smartcase set number set laststatus=2 " Look for ctags all to the way up to the root set tags+=tags;$HOME " Folding set foldmethod=indent "fold based on indent set foldnestmax=10 "deepest fold is 10 levels set nofoldenable "dont fold by default set foldlevel=1 "this is just what i use " Clear word highlighting nmap <esc><esc> :noh<return> let g:AutoPairsMultilineClose = 0 " Fix for iTerm blocking pane movement if has('nvim') nnoremap <bs> <C-w>h endif " Easymotion Config " <Leader>f{char} to move to {char} map <leader>f <Plug>(easymotion-bd-f) nmap <leader>f <Plug>(easymotion-overwin-f) " Opens the directory listing map <C-d> :vsplit<CR> " Buffers set hidden nnoremap <leader>l :bnext<CR> nnoremap <leader>h :bprev<CR> " Enables shift-tab for reverse indenting " for command mode nnoremap <S-Tab> << " for insert mode inoremap <S-Tab> <C-d> " Considers hyphens to be part of 'words' set iskeyword+=- " JSX Syntax Highlighting let g:jsx_ext_required = 1 " Allow JSX in normal JS files" " Setup flow let g:javascript_plugin_flow = 1 " UltiSnips settings let g:UltiSnipsSnippetDirectories = ['UltiSnips', $HOME.'/.vim/UltiSnips'] let g:UltiSnipsExpandTrigger="<c-j>" " Completion " Don't select first result set completeopt=menuone,longest " Don't open the scratch window set completeopt-=preview " Adds more sources for word completion set complete=.,w,b,u,t,i " Disables all gitgutter keybindings let g:gitgutter_map_keys = 0 " nmap <Leader>gs <Plug>GitGutterStageHunk " nmap <Leader>gr <Plug>GitGutterUndoHunk " WordProcessor Mode for text editing func! WordProcessorMode() setlocal formatoptions=1 setlocal noexpandtab map j gj map k gk setlocal spell spelllang=en_us set thesaurus+=/Users/sbrown/.vim/thesaurus/mthesaur.txt set complete+=s set formatprg=par setlocal wrap setlocal linebreak endfu com! WP call WordProcessorMode() " Automatic WordProcessorMode for Markdown files autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.md call Markdown() function Markdown() " Go to file for wiki links in markdown files set call WordProcessorMode() endfunction " Zettelkasten file creation command! -nargs=* Zet call local#zettel#edit(<f-args>) let g:EditorConfig_exclude_patterns = ['fugitive://.*'] " Smaller updatetime for CursorHold & CursorHoldI set updatetime=300 " Enable omni completion. autocmd FileType css setlocal omnifunc=csscomplete#CompleteCSS autocmd FileType html,markdown setlocal omnifunc=htmlcomplete#CompleteTags autocmd FileType python setlocal omnifunc=pythoncomplete#Complete autocmd FileType xml setlocal omnifunc=xmlcomplete#CompleteTags " Prefer :tjump over :tag nnoremap <c-]> g<c-]> vnoremap <c-]> g<c-]> " Setup coc let g:coc_global_extensions = ['coc-emoji', 'coc-eslint', 'coc-prettier', 'coc-tsserver', 'coc-tslint', 'coc-tslint-plugin', 'coc-css', 'coc-json', 'coc-pyls', 'coc-yaml'] function! CocCurrentFunction() return get(b:, 'coc_current_function', '') endfunction " Use K for show documentation in preview window nnoremap <silent> K :call <SID>show_documentation()<CR> inoremap <silent><expr> <c-space> coc#refresh() " " Use `[g` and `]g` to navigate diagnostics nmap <silent> [g <Plug>(coc-diagnostic-prev) nmap <silent> ]g <Plug>(coc-diagnostic-next) " GoTo code navigation. nmap <silent> gd <Plug>(coc-definition) nmap <silent> gy <Plug>(coc-type-definition) nmap <silent> gi <Plug>(coc-implementation) nmap <silent> gr <Plug>(coc-references) function! s:show_documentation() if &filetype == 'vim' execute 'h '.expand('<cword>') else call CocAction('doHover') endif endfunction